The Stonemason in Raunheim

Michael Grossmann

It was 24 years ago that master stonemason Michael Grossmann started learning his trade at the renowned stonemasonry company Neuhaus in Raunheim. Ten years ago he set up his own business in Mainz-Bretzenheim, and acquired another stonemason's company in Hattersheim in 2006.

With the start of his own business in Raunheim in 2007, the master stonemason returned to his former workplace. The new operation was renovated, creating country-style office and showroom premises designed in natural colours and a generous exhibition area complemented by seating facilities and quiet zones. The result is an attractive setting for all aspects of gravesite memorial design.

All on-site stonemasonry work required in cemeteries is carried out by our team members, who have years of experience and deliver a professional level of quality.

Virtual Tour

Join us here for a tour of our Raunheim operation.


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