There are a number of reasons for erecting a personalised gravesite memorial:

* God rests within the stones, and lives within the people

  • A gravestone is a memorial to and a
    token of respect for the deceased
  • A gravestone is a reminder of past
    times shared with the deceased
  • The deceased's individuality is re-
    flected in the design of the memorial
  • The memorial is a place of solace at
    the threshold between life and death
  • The lettering is a personal signature,
    the stone is a testimony to eternity
  • A gravestone memorial is an invitation
    to engage in silent dialogue


Adding lettering on site at the cemetery

In our exhibition you will find many other examples of our memorials, tombstones and cremation headstones. We are happy to advise you on the different options available for an individual gravestone memorial design. Simply call us and schedule an appointment..

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