The Stonemason in Mainz

formerly Lenz-Hieronimus

After a period of exactly 100 years, the traditional family business reached a turning point. In January of 1999, Christhilde and Kurt Lenz passed on their tombstone and stonemasonry operation to the young accomplished master stonemason Michael Grossmann. The company is now operating in its fourth business generation.

Generation change at our stonemason's operation in Mainz - a tradition we feel closely committed to:

Johan Hieronimus


1899 - 1948

Jakob Hieronimus


1948 - 1970

Kurt Lenz


1970 - 1999

Michael Grossmann

Management and Owner since 1999

In 1999, the workshop underwent extensive reconstruction work, creating country-style office and showroom premises designed in natural colours and a generous exhibition area complemented by seating facilities and quiet zones. The result is an attractive setting for all aspects of gravesite memorial design.

All on-site stonemasonry work required in cemeteries is carried out by our team members, who have years of experience and deliver a professional level of quality.